Wednesday, April 30, 2008

. Long Duk Dong is an inspiration to all Asian Americans who wants to make it in Hollywood. Even though his character might have been stereotype and little racist, he provided hope for many Asians that they can be as successful as him. This character was fascinating because he was really funny and different back then.

2. Jack Bauer is an all American hero who risks everything, even his life to save America.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1. Stories are important during childhood because it creates imagination and helps them develop their mind. They learn what to do when they face similar kind of situation. For example,if they read a book about thieves, they might do the same, on the other hand, if they read a biography about Gandhi, the kid might follow Gandhi.
2. Older people read because it improves their vocabulary, grammer, and basic English. Reading also takes them to a world that they want to be in, instead of the real world they have to face everyday of their life. It can also help them write stories of their own. Reading more helps high school kids do better on the ACT.
3. In our nation, education is everything. United States is known for their brilliance and hard work. Reading also gives us information of the outside worldsince this country knows a very few.
4. From my childhood I remember reading Cinderalla, Snow White, Tibetan Folk tales, and Little Red Riding Hood. I don't really remember my parents reading me stories alot. I read some on my own. I really liked Tibetan Fold tales because it was one book with many short stories about fairy prince and ghosts.
5. funny
happy ending
beautiful main female character
fair hero
about sports

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pretty Woman

Written by- Kumar

Pretty Woman

Who is this strange girl that i saw just now,
she seems to break into my heart, if I don't allow,
everything about her seems to attract me so much,
a feeling that seems sweeter than my mothers touch.

she has got some magic in those enchanting eyes,
one look is enough, like the bird my heart flies,
it seems a star is walking down on this earth
shining gracefully to take away my breath.

As she slowly walks, the earth seems to shake,
i feel the earth is dancing to make me awake,
to let me know, the angel walking on this earth,
to tell she is one I was waiting from my birth.

Seeing this angel even the stars seem to wink,
even the all mighty sun is running way to sink,
every night she is taking control over my dreams,
like a god controlling this universe it seems.

i think of giving a flower to her, hour after hour,
then i wonder, how can I give a flower to a flower,
what should I give to let her know my feeling,
i can't give my heart, which she is already stealing.

Fate has got its own plans for every ones life,
Only the time will tell, whether she will be my wife
Whether she is going to my girl or me her man,
for now she is only one i call "The Pretty Woman"

I selected this poem because it talks about a man who finds this one girl attractive and can’t stop thinking about her. Some stuffs I found interesting are that he wants to say something to her, but he just can’t do it.

The title is Pretty Woman, and throughout the poem, he talks about this one stranger woman he saw and can’t stop thinking about her.

The author uses hyperbola a lot because he says that this pretty woman is breaking his heart, her walk is shaking the earth, and the star is blinking, which are all exaggerations. He also uses metaphor, calling the girl a flower. They make the poem more romantic and shows he likes her a lot. It creates a romantic feeling and teaches me some good lines.

The tone is calm and sexy. He says they were meant be with each other since birth. He says she stole his heart and she is like a flower.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

me, a writer??

To speak the truth, I am not much of a writer. But if I put my mind into it and put some time into it, I can be a pretty good writer. I try to make my story funny and interest the audience. I don't read very much, but I really like the Harrry Potter series. I don't know but for some reason, I really like all the Harry Potter books. they interest very much somehow. They take me into a diffrent world where anything can happen and where justice prevails. I don't write much, but I like to write short stories. For the Mr. Miles final presentation, I put some time into it, and it interested the audience and it was pretty funny. I don't write much, unless I am told to do so. I like comedy type of writing.

A person I want to meet is Kobe Bryant.

Monday, February 25, 2008

play reflection

1. This was a work that I actually enjoyed and put a lot of time into. The experience was good and it was satisfying when the class found some my jokes funny, and applauded. The most frustrating part was to come up with the plot for the play. I had to rewrite my entire story because I was thriving for perfection. Some of the surprises I found were that I have never written a play or anything before, and some of the class mates found my first ever play interesting and funny.
2. I would tell a five year old to play a sport when they are really young, and when they have the chance to develop greatly. Unless the kid is uncapable of playing or something, then I would tell him to study every single day. to the others I would tell them to pick one sport, for example basket ball. Play that sport every single day, practice, hire coaches, practice, watch videos, have inspirations, and more. And then you will be really good. You will be able to play for your school, college, and may be professional. This will make you rich, famous, happy, and can have lotta women. And if you are black, you have even more chance.
3. You have to make it so that, everyone can relate to it. Like Pride and Prejudice, everyone wants pride and love. I think that my play will last for about 100 more years because of how I included Noah’s Arc and Jack Sparrow. To make something that lasts that long, you have to put a lot of time into it and be creative about it. Your genre has to be vivid, if you are trying to make comedy, you have to make it so funny that it will make the readers cry, and if your trying to make horror, then make the readers pee their pants.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

we fly high, no lie, u know dis, ballinnnn...

1} Themes are the most important part of what you write. Without a theme you can't even begin to write a story or play. All the greatest piece of literature has themes. For example all the Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, Da Vinci code, Romeo and Juliet and many more. if you don't have a theme your story is weak, and not interesting. A story or play becomes more popular if it has a good theme for example: love, loyalty, courage, sacrifice, scientific fiction, horror, or mystery. In the end, themes are the most important part of a literature.

2} A theme that I would consider communication through your play is how money is the most important thing is life. As a young kid, I always wanted to get rich and play basketball. So I thought why not combine both and be happy. Since the day I could walk, I had a basketball. Wherever I went I would always be dribbling the ball through the streets and even when I was sleeping. When I was five years old, I used to play basketball with middle school kids and when I was in middle school, I played with high school kids. Currently I play for school varsity team, and am the scoring and assisting leader. I have been awarded many full-ride basketball scholarships from many schools, including, U of Minnesota, UCLA, U of North Carolina, Ohio State, Duke, Georgetown, and Florida. And I am thinking of going to UCLA, then be drafted to the NBA and play for the Celtics. When I turn 21, I will make more money than Kobe, and Lebron.

3} The one and most important conflict in my play is my shortness. I am 5’7” and to play for NCAA Division I basketball and NBA it is very unusual and difficult. One other reason is that I am Asian and there are only two Asian players and they are both tall. Ever since my childhood I have been doubted because of my height, and I have always overcome them. Allen Iverson is short but he is one of the best players to ever play the game, and he is my idol.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Writing is very nice..

Personally, I think reading is very crucial to a writer. When you are a kid, before you begin to write, you read first. Even though I personally don’t like reading, I think it is the first step. For example, if I was going to write a story about this one man, it would be much easier, if I read about him first. Therefore, my story would be more factual, interesting, and my story would sell more. But apart of me thinks that reading is not necessary for writing. I can usually write anything, and I don’t read many books.
Something that concerns me in this world, is how many millions of kids and people have died, are dieing of hunger in many nations of Africa. They don't have fresh water to drink, food to eat, jobs, or even basic clothing. But there are many people in industrial nations who take that for granted. they waste water, don't think about anyone esle in the poor nations. I think all the people should get together, and stop this epidemic. for example, Darfur, I think Edina is great of helping them out and I beleive all other schools throughout America shoud do the same.
I think that movies are the greatest piece of art of all time. The writer can write whatever he wants and it’s a great way of expressing his or her feelings. I personally, love movies, it interests me and inspires me to make a movie of my own. My favorite movie of all times is Troy, Drunken Master, Grudge, Rush HOur, Lord of the Rings 1, Lord of the rings 2, and lord of the rings 3. Also the Star Wars. My favorite director is Spike Lee, because I really liked Do the Right Thing.